Legacy Stables Riding Programs

Guided Horseback Riding for families, couples or groups of people looking to enjoy that human-horse connection.  Come for 55 minutes, brush your horse, ride in the indoor arena and outdoors on our beautiful trail if weather and trail conditions permit**, and then feed your horse a treat at the end.  Great for a special date, a family bonding experience, or to try out horseback riding like you’ve always wanted! Open year-round. $47 for riders age 6 and up.  $60 for riders ages 2-5 years. Limited availability for ages 2-5 if part of a family/party.  Contact us for requests!

**If conditions do not allow for a trail ride, you will be able to ride in the indoor arenas and do various activities/games on horseback.

One-Time KinderPony Ride

One-Time KinderPony Rides for children 2-6 years old.  A 30 minute appointment includes, brushing your horse, riding in the indoor arena, playing games and activities, and a special outdoor ride on our sensory Kiddy Trail if weather permits.  And of course you get to feed your horse a treat at the end!   Every rider has an assistant.  Parent required to sidewalk if ride is under 3yrs. $31 per rider.

One-Time Riding Lesson

Check out our Trailblazer or Leisure Riding Lesson Program with a trial lesson. The goal of our lesson program is to help you build a holistic foundation of skills and close connection with a horse. We do this by teaching safety, proper riding and horse-care techniques both on and off the horse, how to communicate with your horse, and of course feeding a treat at the end! We want you to have a fun and educational lesson. Small group setting. All levels, ages 7 and up, are welcome.  $52 per person.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

A full refund is available for appointments that cancel within 24 hours.  In the case of inclement weather, you may call, text, or email to cancel your appointment and a refund will be given via Gift Card.  You must contact us to cancel in order to receive a refund. NO refunds for “No-Show” appointments.

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