Volunteer Programs

Wanting to spend more time at the barn and help out at the same time? Come volunteer with us!

Our volunteer program runs on a points and level system. After 6 volunteer visits, you will have the opportunity to spend supervised time with our horses both mounted and unmounted! Depending on your experience, you may be able to help with a different level of tasks. But don’t worry, you can start at level 1 and learn things as you volunteer to eventually graduate to the next level!

While volunteering, you will help with a variety of things depending on what needs to be done that day! You will follow along with our staff, and they can direct you to which chores are needed for that day.

Common chores include manure cleanup in stalls or pastures, tack cleaning, raking the arenas, and cleaning water buckets or troughs, but they can change. Many chores involve standing/walking and some may require lifting 20+ pounds. Please contact us if you are unable to stand/walk for extended periods or lift 20+ pounds as we have chores you can help with, too!

Q: Can my child and I both volunteer?

A: Yes! Our volunteer program is set up for all ages (15yrs and under must be accompanied by an adult).

Q: What will we do?

A: Chores can vary day to day and may include standing/walking during your visit and/or lifting 20+ pounds. We do have tasks that are not as physically demanding. Our staff will direct you once you’ve arrived! Some tasks may be cleaning manure from different areas, cleaning tack, sweeping/dusting, grooming horses, arena raking, general clean up, and more.

Q: Do I get horse time after volunteering?

A: After 6 volunteer visits, you will have the opportunity for supervised horse time both mounted and unmounted!

Q: I'm still learning about horses. Can I come help?

A: Yes! We have a level system within our program. Start out at Level 1 and over time you may be able to graduate to our next level as your learn more.

Q: Can I just come volunteer with the horses?

A: Many of our chores do not directly involve the horses. But it’s all in support of them! You will get horse-only time after 6 visits:)

Q: What should I bring/wear?

A: We work outside around animals, so long pants and toes-closed shoes are required. As seasons change, please also dress for the outdoor weather. We recommend bringing a water/drink.

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