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A Vaulting Connection

Our club, A Vaulting Connection, is part of our non-profit, Karin’s Horse Connection, and offers an alternative to traditional riding. Vaulting combines gymnastics and dance on a moving horse, and is open to all ages and levels.  In addition to being a fun way to work with horses, vaulting promotes balance, confidence, strength and oneness with the horse. It builds horsemanship skills, artistic expression, teamwork, responsibility and more!

We have world class horses that have competed at the international level, including in the 2018 World Equestrian Games. They are very well trained, safe, and they love their jobs as vaulting horses. Our coaches are passionate and knowledgeable about the sport, and they work successfully with students of all ages and skill levels.

Although we are well known in the national and international vaulting community, our passion is to introduce vaulting to EVERYONE, all ages and abilities.  Our passion is to help vaulters reach their personal bests and individual goals.

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American Vaulting Association


Warm-ups and stretching, strength and balance training, learning how to groom and tack the horse, groundwork practice on the stationary and mechanical vaulting barrels, beginning lunging, and of course, vaulting on the horse! In addition, vaulters learn safety around horses, artistic expression, teamwork, responsibility and more!

Vaulting lessons are open to ages 3 and up and require no prior horsemanship or gymnastics experience. First time vaulters learn basic drills on a stationary barrel before transitioning to horseback. Even new vaulters are able to master several exercises in the first lesson, fostering feelings of accomplishment and pride. At Karin’s Horse Connection, we serve all skill levels and offer instruction in recreational, adaptive and competitive vaulting.

Vaulting is one of the safest equestrian sports. During the lesson the horse is controlled by an instructor and the vaulter is assisted (spotted) by another instructor. The horse wears special equipment: a special non-slip pad and a special saddle called a surcingle which has large handles that offer security while doing moves. Vaulting is always done in a controlled environment and careful attention is given to the safety of each vaulter.

It is agreed upon by vaulting communities around the world that it is actually more dangerous TO wear a helmet when vaulting, than to not wear one.  They can adversely affect balance and can interfere with peripheral vision. In addition, many of the exercises require vaulters to be in up side down positions where their head is pressed against the horse’s back or side in order to stabilize. Any potentially movable object between the vaulter’s head and the horse could be unsafe for the rider. Find more info here: https://www.americanvaulting.org/safety/FaulknerArticle.pdf

Open Vaulting
$20per practice

Come watch and try it out! No commitment or former experience required!
Time: 12:00-1:00pm
Every Other Saturday

Vaulting Own-A-Horse Camp
Hands-on experience for all horse lovers! In a safe, structured, and FUN atmosphere, learn all aspects of horse care like feeding, grooming, safety, and stable management, and more! Plus, you will vault on the stationary barrels and horses everyday and perform a fun team freestyle at the end of the week! No experience needed!

 June 28 – June 24 – Morning Session and
 July 29 – August 2 – Afternoon Session

Our Different Vaulting Team Practices
Competitive Vaulting
$35per practice
Our team, A Vaulting Connection, is an active club in the EVUSA, Region X. We participate in several events each year, including both regional and national competitions, and local public appearances in parades and demos. Our emphasis is always on teamwork, safety and fun. Practices: Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings
Recreational Vaulting
$35per practice
Love horses and looking for a great way to stay in shape, but not wanting to compete? Come vault for fun! Tuesdays 5:30-7:00pm or Thursdays 6:30-8:00pm
Tiny Tots Vaulting
$30per practice
An introductory class for children ages 3 to 7 (both boys and girls) who are new to the sport of vaulting. This class is focused on having fun and learning the fundamentals.  It features age appropriate modifications of everything included in the older vaulter’s practices. No prior riding or gymnastics experience is required. Thursdays – Currently practicing alongside recreational vaulters
Adaptive Vaulting
Adaptive Vaulting is generally done in private sessions in order to focus on students with special needs.  Please see our Adaptive Vaulting page for more info.

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