FAQ & Testimonies

We are always striving for Happy Customers, we would love the chance to prove it to you!

If you like nature, picturesque views, beautiful horses and spending quality time, our space is the perfect choice to begin your acquaintance with horses, or to simply enjoy family events at our facility.

Our focus is to offer riders a calm, relaxing environment in which to enjoy time with horses. Life is stressful enough, time at the barn should not be. All disciplines are welcome!


“Karin has a one of a kind operation. She is very caring and knowledgeable, which translates to a great environment where everyone feels welcome and supported. I would recommend her lessons and events to anyone who is looking to have a good time!”


“I cannot say enough great things about this place. The people are amazing to work with. We had my daughter’s birthday party there, and they were so helpful and even included a little surprise for my daughter. She was really tiny so the pony still scared her. They allowed her to go with them to get Peanut and still to this day she calls him ‘her horse’!”


“We love the team! My daughter started vaulting 2 months ago and loves it!! Absolutely wonderful staff! This experience is great for all levels and ages.”


“We took our 2 1/2 year old daughter for her first KinderPony session today and it will definitely not be the last. Karin was wonderful!! Our little one was able to help Karin hold the reins and walk Apache to the arena, ride him, walk him back, put the tack back in the tack room and feed him a snack. We had a fantastic experience and our daughter has been asking when we can go back since we left, it truly made our day. Thank you!!!”


“My special-needs great-nephew, Nathan, has been taking weekly riding and vaulting lessons with Karin for about 12 years. He started when he was five years old and standing with a walker. At first, Nathan would only ride on the horse, with Karin leading and I was walking beside him.
Riding helped Nathan learn to walk. Over the years riding and vaulting strengthened his muscles, raised his self-esteem, helped him with rehab after various surgeries, gave him goals to work towards, and provided a community outside the home where he had a sense of belonging. He has had a lot of fun riding and vaulting at Karin’s stable, and also at occasional competitions that Karin would take her students to. Nathan would win ribbons for his accomplishments at the competitions, which was such a wonderful experience for him. He was the first special needs individual to compete in a national vaulting competition, which will pave the way for others.
Through the years, I’ve seen Karin positively affect the lives of children and adults affected by autism, Down’s Syndrome, chromosome disorders, car accidents, developmental delay, emotional struggles, and many other difficult challenges. Her program has been a life-enhancing experience for many. I am personally very grateful for the help she has given Nathan and others over many years.”


“I got a chance a couple of weeks ago to briefly talk to Karin and tell her what a PROFOUND effect therapeutic riding has had for Novee. Not only does Novee feel horses to her core (it frightens me at times how much she loves them), but it has positively affected her core strength, muscle strength, vocabulary, speech quality, and motor planning. If we would’ve known what just one year of riding would’ve looked like, we would’ve never believed it. Goodness, even that first night when we came just to see what vaulting even was and she got on that horse and did things we didn’t even think were possible for her. When she started riding a year ago she didn’t even have core strength, her hands often didn’t work the way she wanted them to, her muscle strength in general was poor, her coordination was inconsistent at best, she had just started using language and was exploring sounds, she was developmentally delayed and she significantly struggled with motor planning. While she struggles with some of these issues to some degree, she has improved so much. 9 months ago she was diagnosed with Developmental Coordination Disorder and Childhood Apraxia of Speech (along with a feeding disorder and a GI disorder) so she’ll always need therapy to some degree, but the difference that the therapy she has been so fortunate enough to receive at Legacy Stables we can never express enough gratitude for. So Thank You, to all of you for what you do. My family will always be strong advocates for equine based therapies as we have first hand seen the magic.
Thank you again for everything. It has been a wonderful year of learning and watching such amazing growth. I am still just astounded with the progress Novee has made and the passion she has for horses. She brushes and sits on her toy horse she has affectionately named “Pippa” every day.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have experience to ride? Or own my own horse?

No, all levels are welcome. Karin’s Horse Connection and Legacy Stables offers a full range of equestrian activities and services including:
  Quality riding lessons (English and Western), Young Children KinderPony Program, Equestrian Vaulting, Therapeutic Riding/Adaptive Vaulting, One-Time Rides: Guided Riding In Open Terrain, Birthday Parties, Field Trips, ‘Own-A-Horse’ Camp, and more!  Everyone who comes to our stable uses one of our gentle and well-trained horses or ponies

How much do you cost?

Karin’s Horse Connection and Legacy Stables offers numerous packages and payment options.

A few of our different packages include:

  •  30 minute KinderPony Ride: $31
  •  1 hour Trailblazer or Leisure Riding Lessons – $52
  • Therapeutic Riding Lesson – $37
  • 1 hour One-time ride for two riders: $94
  • Birthday Parties – $240
  • Open Vaulting – $20
  • Tiny Tots Vaulting Practice – $30
  • Competitive or Recreational Vaulting Practice – $35
  • Own-A-Horse Camp – $60 – $560
Do you offer Birthday Parties?

Yes, Horsey Birthday Parties are a blast at Legacy Stables!  We have horses of all sizes to meet the needs of all riders. They are all very safe and love kids! Open to children ages 2 & up.

Participants may do some or all of the following:•    Play with our miniature horse• Learn how to be safe on and around horses•    Learn how to lead a horse• Brush and assist in tacking their horse• Play games and do activities on and off the horse•    Meet and learn the names of our herd of 20+ horses• Learn fun facts about horses• Ride the horses• In nice weather, go on a short ride out on the trail•    Feed the horse a treat• And much more!

Where are you located?

Our little slice of heaven has almost 28 acres of pure country with beautiful trails, yet we are close to the city and easy to get to. It is on the West side of Patterson, between 76th and 84th Street, about 1 1/2 miles South of M6 exit 15 (Broadmoor, Caledonia, airport).

Our address is: 8001 Patterson Ave SE, Caledonia, MI 49316

How can I help?

Karin’s Horse Connection was founded to share our passion for horses and enable anyone who seeks to experience the joy and healing of the human-horse connection. Karin’s Horse Connection is a 501 (c)3 non-profit and always welcomes donations toward our scholarship fund. If you would like to partner with us in our mission, please contact us directly.

Our Story

Healing with Horses

The mission of Karin’s Horse Connection and Legacy Stables is to share our passion for horses and enable anyone who seeks to experience the joy of the human-horse connection.